Megastar Finalist Checklist

Megastar Finalist Checklist


We have compiled the following checklist to help you move forward in the competition, take a look⬇️.

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Finalist Checklist

  1. Sign the Performer contract (sent to the email address associated with your account). All finalist must sign by Round 1 Judge's Review to compete for the $1M prize! You will not be eligible to win any prizes if the contract is not signed.

  2. Join our Megastar Performers Facebook group where you can meet and share tips with other finalists. You will also get important updates and support from our Community Leader: Robyn!

  3. Follow viral star Jay Walker's tips on How to Make a Video Like a Megastar and submit a new video

  4. If you're using music, make sure you own the license or that it is on this list of our Licensed Songs

  5. Take social influencer Conner Bobay's advice and connect with your Fans over social and in the comments of your Megastar video

  6. Check out our FAQs for any questions regarding the competition

  7. Livestream in the Megastar App to keep building your fanbase. Gain more visibility by becoming a leader on the Most Famous Performers board

  8. Have all your travel documents in order, the final 5 will be flown to Los Angeles for the Live Finale!


If you have any questions reach out to

Best of luck!