Last modified: July 24, 2017

As a reminder, you have acknowledged and agreed that you own or control all rights in and to any User Contributions posted by you, which explicitly includes any rights necessary to use any sound recordings and their underlying musical compositions (a “Song”) in your User Contributions. As such, you acknowledge, understand and agree that it is illegal to utilize any Song in your User Contribution which is not your own original creation or for which you do not have the authority to use – this would include, as example, uploading a video of you dancing along to a Song that you have not written yourself or obtained the permission to use. Usage of another individual’s Song, even in the limited context of submitting a User Contribution to our Website or Mobile Application, is illegal unless you have obtained the permission and authorization required to use the Song from all of the parties that hold ownership rights over the Song.

In order to avoid having your User Contributions removed, having your account blocked, being disqualified from any contest or further unwarranted legal action, a list of Songs that you may make your own rendition of (“Cover”) that you can then include in your User Contributions are listed in the document titled "Licensed Songs That Can Be Covered,” a copy of which is incorporated by this reference and made a part hereof and can be found below (the "Licensed Songs”). For clarification purposes, to “Cover” means you are recording your own version of a Licensed Song including, but not limited to, any underlying music such as guitar, drum, bass and vocal tracks that create the Licensed Song. Any User Contribution that utilizes any Song other than a Licensed Song must be entirely your own original song, and if not, you are solely responsible for obtaining all of the rights necessary to use such Song. Any User Contribution uploaded in violation of the foregoing is subject to immediately removal without notice, forfeiture of any prizes by you and/or a permanent ban from usage of the Website or Mobile Application, as well as any legal action taken by the rightful copyright holders. If you have any questions as to whether or not you may use a specific Song, please email us immediately at prior to using the Song. Moreover, you acknowledge and agree that any User Contributions submitted hereunder which includes any of the "Licensed Songs" shall be deemed a Work-Made-for-Hire for the original publisher of such song and you hereby irrevocably assign all and any rights you may have in the User Contribution to the publisher.

Song Search

Background Tracks

Performers can choose from a selection of downloadable songs to use as background tracks for their submission videos. These are sound-alikes, which are basically performances of a song by a professional band, not the original artist.

Click the link below to access the Covered Songs page. NOTE: A password is required to access the page, which can be provided by emailing us at