Performers, there’s a lot that goes into being a Megastar.

Fortunately for you, Megastar provides an unprecedented platform for launching your career and building your following –– and don’t forget, the winner of the grand finale will also get $1,000,000! 💵

It’s gonna take more than submitting your videos and waiting to see what happens. You’re gonna have to…


Livestreaming is one of your best tools for gaining fans. We’ve covered some of it in our previous blog, MEGASTAR APP FEATURES, but let’s take a deeper dive into some of the fun ways to connect with your audience, gain fans, and how Fans can play along the way.


Anybody can shoot 🎥 and edit ✂🎞  a video to make yourself look like prodigy, but the real test of talent is performing live!

Ahhhhh...... Luk at tu! Luk at tu! 

Ahhhhh...... Luk at tu! Luk at tu! 

This should earn some street(/app)-cred that’ll go a long way to setting yourself apart from the rest - like a lone wolf 🐺, but instead, a LIVE wolf!

Speaking of wolves, being a leader requires…

Marshalling Your Troops

Your following is like a wolf pack, and you gotta be the alpha.

Squad Goals

Squad Goals


Come right out and tell your fans how they can support you:

  • Ask for follows – If people are watching you, they’re interested; so tell them to follow you. Followers will be notified whenever you go live and can more easily keep track of you throughout the competition. 💪
  • Ask for shares – You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and goldarn it, people like you! So ask your fans to share your videos. 🎥 🙌 Megastar isn’t just about winning $1M; it’s about building your fan base you take with you beyond the competition.
  • Ask for gifts (Crowdfunding) – Fans can purchase in-app gifts 🎁 to send you that you can redeem for cold hard cash. Start crowdfunding here … without Kickstarter.

Personalizing Your Personality

Fans want to know about you and they want to engage with you… not that kind of engage. 💍 (Disclaimer: We advise against accepting any marriage proposals via the app, but keep an eye out for our spin off app, Match-a-star! 👰😜)

Use livestreaming to tell your fans more about you and what else you’ve got going on.

  • Tell your story – Fans want to know who you are and where you’re headed. Be open about your struggles and triumphs. Let people know if you’re performing soon or releasing more content and where they can find it. 👀
  • Take requests – Ask your fans for a challenge, or answer questions they ask you.
  • Answer all comments – People comment to connect. Do your best to reply to everyone giving you a shout out. Fans want to know that their support means something to you.
  • Take it beyond the app – Invite people to connect with you on your other social media channels. Megastar is the gateway for fans to find your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat channels. And your channels should help folks find you on Megastar!

Connecting with Fans is undeniably FANtastic (we all saw that coming 🙄😜), but we know that a successful performance career is as much about building a fanbase as it is about…

Making Connections

Performers can’t exist in a vacuum. They get by on connecting with each other and sharing opportunities. While, yes, it is indeed a competition, good artists always support good artists.

  • Follow other performers and support them – Cross-pollination of audiences is a great incentive to build good relationships with other Performers. Who knows: maybe a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” scenario could lead to collaborating with a newly-minted millionaire down the line. Play the long game!
  • Maximize your social media presence – Use every platform you have to spread the word and get your current fans to download the Megastar app and vote. Connect with other performers on all their social media sites. You’ll find new audiences and expose your own fans to exciting new talent – they’ll love you for it!

This is an exciting time! Megastar is the world’s first talent competition held in the palm of your hand! Jump in and see the global phenomenon that’s the wave of the future.


MEGASTAR is the world’s first mobile talent competition, where contestants from multiple categories (Music, Dance, Sports, Extreme, Comedy, Magic, & Variety) will compete from around the globe for $1 million dollars (USD).

Unlike TV competitions like The Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent, Megastar winners are chosen by you, the fans (with support from celebrity judges like Usher), as you vote for your favorite Performers in the Megastar App.