Usher is the lead mentor on the megastar app. Consider his thoughtful approach to creating great performance art.

After all, he’s been doing this since he was 12, has had to push through a lot of incredible stuff; from the self-doubt as a kid just starting out to learning how to work hard, then pivoting and breaking new ground and more.

Check out four more of his Mentoring Minutes on the Megastar app, where he talks about how to face creativity with a mind to win. 

Here are a few tips to remember on your way to performer success:


If art were easy, it wouldn’t be worth much. The hard work, the attention to detail, the focus, the endless practice… all of this makes it even more rewarding when you succeed. Dedication means taking time everyday, every chance you can, to advance as an artist: practice, perform, perfect.


 If you’re truly inspired and dedicated, one thing should naturally follow…


When you’re connected to what inspires you and truly dedicated to turning it into reality, your authenticity will effortlessly shine through. There’s one sure way to “be yourself”: pursue what you want with all your heart and soul. When your fans feel the real you, they’ll believe you, and they’ll believe in what you 😉 do!

Of course, so many performers are plagued by self-doubt. Am I good enough? 😟 Am I smart enough? 😕 Doggone it, will people like me? 😒 (Okay, enough Stuart Smalley. 😜)  You have to be fearless, which is why we want to talk about....



When you know who you are and what you’re about, nothing can take that away from you. Don’t be afraid to be who you really are. Seize every moment and focus on what matters. Don’t hesitate to the be the most you you can be. That’s bravery. You don’t have to combat fear if you just put your eye on the prize 🥇 and remember that you’re in this to make an impact, to create great art, see your name in lights and share with others what only you can give.


When there’s nothing to stop you, and you know what you have to offer the world, that’s how you know you’re ready for…


You might think that getting famous means getting lucky, as if fame finds you. Wrong! Fame is out there waiting for you to take it. It’s yours to claim. Stand in the spotlight and let yourself be seen. That’s the name of the game. 


So, stop wondering how to be famous, and get to it! Watch Usher’s Mentoring Minutes and plan to be successful, like only you can be.

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