Introducing Megastar’s global hosts, YouTube sensations, and Australian comedians SketchShe. 

With a total social reach of more than 3.4 million followers, SketchShe are ready to guide future megastars through the star-making process.

At work at home in a car, Be A Star

SketchShe’s Australian allure is irresistible, 😍 and their comedic timing, impeccable. 😆 They’ve garnered over 100,000,000 views on YouTube, were featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and have traveled the world entertaining audiences.

Be A Star_SalonScene.gif

It all started with their booyah cover of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. (Catch a bit of it in their Mime Through Time video. Lo tech. Phone camera on the dashboard. Car stereo playing the song. Twenty million views. Wowza!)

Check it. Pitch perfect. Of course, they’re just miming!💫

And now they’re starring in Megastar’s new music video, “Be a Star!” (*Record scratch*) But wait, how did that happen?

As viral stars who grew and curated their brand, SketchShe will guide Megastar Fans and Performers through the competition as the global hosts.

Using their signature car lip sync style, Megastar commissioned a theme song. Five singer-songwriters were chosen to write a theme song that SketchShe could perform. Enter “Be a Star,” by Russell Angelico (@versatillia).

With lyrics like “Be a girl who swallows swords / While surfing on an ironing board” it was pretty obvious they couldn’t go wrong. 😜

Be A Star_Vote.gif

Download the app, and start voting for the world’s next Megastar, or better yet, upload your video submission for the chance to win $1,000,000!!! 💰

About SketchShe:

SketchShe are female driven comedy group from Australia with a passion for music, characters and being the voice of REAL modern 20 something women! Not only limited to their in-car lip sync viral videos, Shae-Lee, Lana, and Madison have a penchant for sketch comedy and have their own web series, Traffic Jam.  

Megastar asked Lana of SketchShe to share some of their backstory. This is what she told us: 

"I (Lana) met Shae in 2013 when we were doing a week long promo job in Sydney for the opening of Topshop!

Our hot summer days consisted of riding around on bikes giving out store vouchers, and trust us, those seats were not built for longer than a 10 minute joy ride! At the time I was working as a Presenter and Shae as a Producer, and although we both enjoyed our lines of work, we were frustrated with the nature of the creative industries and having to wait for opportunities. So we decided to make them ourselves in the form of sketches (which in the beginning, were pretty terrible, let’s be honest!). 

Mads came onto our radar a year later and as soon as we were hit with her combo of beauty, bogan and quick wit, knew she would fit in fabulously. We all shot together during our free time and on weekends and, after a year, created a sketch show pilot intended for television! We then branched out to the rest of the world via Youtube and Facebook to boost our numbers and grow a fanbase.

Four months into our online life, our first viral hit, ‘Bohemian Carsody’ was born and then the world knew the name, SketchShe!"  

Keep up with SketchShe on their social channels below!


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