Chris Black
Self Taught Megastar 

Chris Black is a 25-year-old self-taught musician from Australia who believes that the key to success is hard work, authenticity, and having the support of loved ones. Originally from the Gold Coast of Australia, Chris is currently living in New Zealand. 

Chris is talented and fans have noticed. He has that rare voice, full, raw and smokey in its lower ranges, soaring and clear up high. There’s a catch in it, an emotional catch that grabs you as he sings. You can hear his emotion, and he really makes you feel the songs he covers in new ways. He is just as comfortable covering female songwriters as male, and brings his own style to each.

His performances throughout the Megastar competition were compelling and real; in fact in most of them you’re actually hearing him sing live, so you know you’re hearing the real thing. And Fans loved his real performances, propelling him to the Final Five of the competition.

Watch all of Chris Black’s contest submissions on the Megastar app. And no doubt, stay tuned for more.

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