Sometimes Roughing It Pays Off. 
Andie Case Is On Her Way to Megastardom.

Singer and songwriter Andie Case is a powerful and relentless talent whose music showcases the heart and life of a not-so-ordinary girl. Born in Eugene, Oregon, Andie is one of seven children.

At 18, Andie left home and struck out for Los Angeles in her ‘93 Pontiac Bonneville. She was determined to make her mark in music, and L.A. was the place to be. She couldn’t afford a place to live and so she camped out in her car. For six months. That’s guts.

Soon Andie met singer/songwriter Ajay Marshall. He recognized her talent, original voice, style, and determination and brought her into the studio to record for the very first time. Andie and Ajay worked together for the next couple years sculpting her skills as a singer and developing her into a compelling songwriter.

Andie knew she wanted to reach a massive audience and though she wanted them to hear her original music, she realized that sometimes you have to do covers to get people to pay attention to your originals. So she posted cover videos on YouTube and they took off. In spring 2016, she released her debut single "Coming Around" to high praise. She released a second successful single "So Low" in November and by December, Andie had offer to her first national tour.

Today, Andie seems unstoppable - confident in her presence and talent. Her songs have catchy, soaring hooks arranged to optimize on her range. She digs deep to express love, loss and everything that comes with finding herself in the face of adversity, believing in herself so much that her fans believe in her too. Through everything, you feel that rebel, determined to make her own way, to write her own future, to manifest the mega success she has clearly imagined.

She’s a star. A star of her own design.

Check out all of her submissions on the Megastar app. We have a feeling you’ll be seeing and hearing a lot of Andie Case in the years to come.

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