He came to give.
And Fans received Akil Apollo Davis hungrily. 

Akil Apollo Davis is nothing short of amazing. He goes from parading down Wall Street followed by a troupe of dancers to dancing in the park in a costume that’s giraffe-meets-funk while singing the funky “Get up to get down.” Then he follows in the competition with a magical dance piece, “I Came to Give,” sinuous Balinese moves, masked, streaming clouds of color with scarves, culminating in a brilliant rap, sandwiched between philosophical musings about how artists are the new priests of our culture. Stunning. Full of heart. Full of soul. Full of art. He came to give. He gave. We received.

Akil is an adjunct Professor of Mask and Art Aesthetic at NYU and SUNY Purchase, and you can see his theatricality throughout his performances. He believes in art’s power to heal. To expand the mind. To express the inexpressible. And he approaches his Megastar performance videos with eye to surprise, painting with a broad stroke that slices through genres, cultures, and music styles. He aims to capture your eye. Capture your surprise. Capture your imagination. Capture your heart.

And in the Megastar competition, he captured votes as well, making it to the top five. He is rare. We can’t wait to see what he does next. 

Watch all of Akil's contest submissions by searching Akil D on the Megastar app.

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