Check out comedian and viral Vine star Jay Walker explain how to make an audition video like a Megastar 👆. 

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So, you wanna be a Megastar? Fortunately, there’s an app for that! Megastar is the world’s first global talent competition held entirely on your smartphone. The future is now!! The future was yesterday too when you think about it. 🤔 … Whoa. 😳

Anyway, now that the future is here, it means that for the first time ever you could win $1,000,000 🤑 and gain international fame  with nothing more than your incomparable talent and a smartphone! 📱 Just download the Megastar App, register, and upload a video submission today!

Sounds easy, yah? After all, anybody can film themselves in front of a computer or with a mobile device and record audio with a built-in microphone. Plenty of people have gone viral that way.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Check out this guy (whhhhhhh — that was a sigh of exasperation):

Gives new meaning to the words “All Star.” 😂

You got to work hard to win hard (that should be a lyric!).

Seriously, 😶 the most successful internet stars know that to gain a following, you have to put a little effort into making your videos look good. Check this out: 🙃

Otama-what? 🙃

It’s pretty straight-forward stuff, but if you’re not video-savvy, we’re here to help! 🎥👌


Tip 1 – Can’t See What You Can’t See 🙈


Be in frame.

Studies show people love being able to see what they’re looking at. It’s Science! ⚗😯  So, be sure to frame yourself so people can see you and what it is you’re doing.

Light yourself.

While you’re at it, they won’t be able to see what you’re doing if you’re not lit. (Not that kinda lit, I mean lit! 💡) Using natural daylight or even positioning a lamp in front of you will go a long way towards helping your audience enjoy watching you.


TIP 2 – Bad Sound Sounds Bad 🔊😖


Use a good mic.

Hearing things helps people enjoy them! (Duh.) Even if you’re not a musician, having good sound draws people into a great video. Using an industry-standard microphone is less of a strain on your audience’s sensitive ears. (Ears have feelings too, y’know! 👂😢)

Record in a quiet place.

It’s also a good idea to record yourself someplace where distracting noises won’t be heard. For example, while the acoustics might make your voice sound amazing, a public restroom is the last place you want to record yourself. 🚫💩


TIP 3 – Titles & Thumb(sUp)nails 👍

Your thumbnail is your first impression.

If you want people to watch your video, make an alluring thumbnail. No, not like a manicure. A thumbnail is the little preview image on your video. Make sure it’s a good one so people wanna click on it!

Insert descriptive title here.

Also, having a descriptive and exciting title does wonders for drawing people’s attention. ALL CAPS CAN GO A LONG WAY TO DRAWING PEOPLE’S INTEREST TOO!!! 😁😉


TIP 4 – Be Brief (or, don’t take too long to say something that you could say quickly in a shorter amount of time.😜)

It’s the age of the internet and people’s attention spans are...IS THAT A BUTTERFLY??! ... 😃😊😅  tiny these days. Figure they’ll watch the first thirty seconds of your video so cut to the chase and show ‘em the goods. If it’s great they may watch more and vote.


Fans will be choosing the next Megastar! It’s up to you to create the best content to earn their votes.

Oh, and even if you’re not a Performer, download the app to see what all the fuss is about. Vote for the best videos 🎥,. Share your favorites. Give the Performers pointers. And change the way the world discovers and promotes new talent!

Last thought for Performers out there: connect with your followers through the app. If you have your own tips and tricks that you think others can benefit from, start mentoring and livestreaming now to your fans. It’s a great way to build a following and connect with your audience to become the next Megastar! 🌟


MEGASTAR is the world’s first mobile talent competition, where contestants from multiple categories (Music, Dance, Sports, Extreme, Comedy, Magic, & Variety) will compete from around the globe for $1 million dollars (USD).

Unlike TV competitions like The Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent, Megastar winners are chosen by you, the fans (with support from celebrity judges like Usher), as you vote for your favorite Performers in the Megastar App.

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