🎼I’ve Got a Golden Ticket🎶

Now, now, everybody calm down! It’s obvious what you’re all thinking…

“What’s a Golden Ticket??” “It’s shiny! I want one!” “Is there chocolate??”

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In order: (1) Read below, (2) it is shiny, and you might get one, (3) we do not have the technology to teleport chocolate through our app yet, but we are consulting with Willy Wonka about said innovation.

Caption: We’re frightened by the thought of this guy being able to teleport through your phone 😳

Caption: We’re frightened by the thought of this guy being able to teleport through your phone 😳


There’s not much you can do to earn a Golden Ticket save for being irresistibly talented, but in the case that you are and one of our judges picks you, then you will automatically advance to the… 👏WORLD 👏 WIDE 👏 COMPETITION!!!

In the Finals, your chance to win will multiply exponentially as there will only be a thousand performers — maybe fewer! — competing to be the world’s next Megastar!

But, like, way more chill 😬

But, like, way more chill 😬

Golden tickets ensure that Performers entered in the Auditions phase will advance to the Finals, or that Performers in Finals Rounds 1 and 2 will advance to the next (Rounds 2 and 3, respectively). It’s our way of saving any talent that may have been overlooked (accidentally of course) by the Fans during the voting process. That said, once we get to Round 3, there will be no more Golden Tickets, making it totally up to Fans!

Golden Ticket winners are announced for every Heat after the Judges’ Review phase (...oh...so that’s what that is) and once voting reopens mid-week. Watch for the schedule in the app in your time zone.

The coolest thing about the Golden Tickets? They will all be selected by our special panel of judges, including Usher! 😍😲 Stay tuned for more news, as we will be announcing more judges sooooooon. (Next week!)  😉

Speaking of Usher, he’d like to give you a lowdown on what he’ll be looking for in selecting Golden Ticket Winners:

So, don’t let anybody tell you to write yourself off. The Golden Ticket is your opportunity to take a chance, make the leap, to put yourself out there, because, who knows? While the world might miss it, the judges are always looking. 👀 👌

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For more contest information see the Megastar App Terms of Service and Use


MEGASTAR is the world’s first mobile talent competition, where contestants from multiple categories (Music, Dance, Sports, Extreme, Comedy, Magic, & Variety) will compete from around the globe for $1 million dollars (USD).

Unlike TV competitions like The Voice, American Idol and America’s Got Talent, Megastar winners are chosen by you, the fans (with support from celebrity judges like Usher), as you vote for your favorite Performers in the Megastar App.