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Sarah Lloyde.png

Sarah Lloyde 🇦🇺

Megastar is lucky to have Sarah Lloyde competing! Sarah hails from Australia where she started pursuing her passion for singing at a young age, winning local and national competitions at the age of 10, years later making her way into the top 24 of Australia’s The Voice. Don’t miss her rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “You Lost Me” –– you won’t want to lose track of this Megastar.


Nuge Music.png

Nuge Music 🇺🇸

While Nuge didn’t make it past this Heat, he certainly deserves a shout out. Nuge claims Cincinnati as his hometown, and takes pride in his Vietnamese heritage. With a voice like butter, and guitar skills to match, just let his cover of Goo Goo Dolls’ “Name” wash over you. If you can’t feel his passion for music from this one, you may be dead inside. 😬💀

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Paul Spaeth.png

Paul Spaeth 🇺🇸

Paul Spaeth makes one fiery impression with his passionate “Phoenix Rising” submission. You probably wouldn’t guess Paul’s from a small town, Slinger, Wisconsin, when you hear his piano playing soar high over a pulsing electronic beat. And check out that get up! 😯

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Karo Jasper 🇨🇦   

Karo Jasper out of Canada does his country proud with moves as sweet as maple syrup! He’s undeniably smooth and so is his cohort, @fashionr, as they switch in and out of call and response and synchronized choreography with ease.

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Olanrewaju A.png

Olanrewaju A 🇨🇦

The way Olanrewaju’s body twists and floats as he moves make you wonder if he doesn’t moonlight as a marionette puppet. Another contestant repping Canada, Olanrewaju, certainly shows a passion for contorting body in way that will astonish you.

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