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Megastar_JaolaWilliams_heat E contest highlight.png

Jaola Williams 🇺🇸

Jaola Williams’ performance of Ariana Grande’s Moonlight maybe just haunt you while you sleep. Her voice climbs so effortlessly as she hit those high notes in perfect harmony. Williams brings the soul this week and her passion may just earn her a Golden Ticket. 


Megastar_DianRene_heat E contest highlight.png

Dian Rene 🇺🇸

Dian Rene… like Chris Black, does a lot with a little. Crafting an incredible a capella rendition of Mi Gente, Dian performs EVERY part, flawlessly piecing together separate videos into one. this process can be meticulous, but clearly Dian’s got the passion. He even makes it look easy with his calm, cool, collected performance. Can his charm make him a Megastar?

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Megastar_CJ_heat E contest highlight.png

CJ 🇺🇸

A talent like CJ’s is undeniable. Performing his own original etudes on a grand piano, CJ’s speed and precision will dazzle you. His fingers dance across the whole span of the keys and the music soars toward an passionate, epic finish. Who said classical music was dead?


Megastar_ChrisBlack_heat E contest highlight.png

Chris Black 🇦🇺   

Chris Black… proves that you don’t need much to make an impression when you’ve got the passion. With nothing more than a mic, a few simple chords, and a voice to stop you in your tracks, Chris manages to give Sam Smith a run for his money, or at least Megastar’s. :P

Megastar_HassaniHamadi_heat E contest highlight.png

Hassan Hamadi 🇺🇸

It’s only fitting that Hassan Hamadi’s video goes sideways 30 seconds in -- his performance spins heads. Whether right side up, upside down, sideways and otherwise, Hamadi effortlessly backflips, twists, and rolls across the stage you’ll wonder how he’s not already famous with all that passion.


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