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RubyWoo 🇺🇸

Ruby is aptly named because her voice will make you go, “Woo!” This starlet comes from California by way of Atlanta, Georgia, which makes sense because she seems sweet as peach 🍑 and her voice is smooth and crisp (makes us hungry for avocado toast)! Ruby is very active, so be sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to find out when her next performance is!

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oZealous 🇺🇸

Hailing from Michigan, oZealous, aka Cody Vizcarra, proves his beatboxing skills are oMazing! This guy already has a significant following and it’s no wonder: his social media channels are bursting with positive vibes and spit beats… sorry sick beats. 😜💦  Keep an eye (more like an ear) out for this one, and check out oZealous’ Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to find out what happens when Cody dresses up like an old man and wanders the streets.


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LukeG 🇺🇸

We promise this video has not been sped up – LukeG (Luke Gardner) is really that fast! This guitar shredder from Kentucky comes dangerously close to summoning the forces of darkness to melt your face off with his “Original Heathens Improvised Solo” video. 😱

Megastar_Highlight Reel_Heat D_Jibrizy Magic.png


In case you still have your face after watching Luke Gardner’s video, hold onto your jaw because Jibrizy from Chicago, IL is gonna make it drop. From his piercing eyes, 👀 to charismatic performance, Jibrizy will captivate and confound you with his impressive card tricks. Jibrizy’s social media channels already have a substantial following but will his fans make him our first Megastar?


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LisaL 🇦🇺   

It’s fitting that the first thing you see in Lisa Lottie’s video is a her tattoo of shooting star. 💫 Lisa could very easily be our next Megastar with hula hoop talent like her’s. The level of athleticism, control, and determination that Lisa has mastered is incredible. It’s this type of dedication that can make a world of difference for any kind of success. From down under, this Aussie may just rise to the top!


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