Hi, I’m Robyn, your new Megastar Community Manager. I’m super excited to join the team and the community here at Megastar app and help Performers grow your audience and showcase all of your amazing talents to Fans so they can vote for the next global Megastar! I’m here to not only be your biggest cheerleader but to help you get the most of the app and the Megastar community. I want to help foster a supportive and enthusiastic community for both Performers and Fans. Showcasing your talent to a global audience takes a ton of confidence and I want to help you to embrace it, own it and share it.

I’m here to talk to and listen to all of our users and take your thoughts and suggestions on how to make Megastar better and support your needs. Also, I’m here to talk about and enjoy all of our talented Performers like every other fan! Find me in the app, on this blog and lurking around all our social media, if you use #MegastarApp, I’m going to see and read what your saying. I may even participate in a live stream or two.

I’m passionate about strong and supportive communities as well as building meaningful connections through technology. I think Megastar is the perfect place to do that and I want to work with all of you to ensure we are delivering the best content and Performers for you to vote on. Little known fact about myself: I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd, I have a tattoo and host a podcast so if you see me in the app and want to talk Potter let’s do it!

HP Robyn.jpg

You can expect to find a lot more of me here on the blog as I’m going to be seeking out Fans and Performers and trying to get to know more about them and help them share their story to the Megastar community. My talent? I’m an expert on all things Harry Potter :)

Looking forward to hearing from everyone and finding the next global superstar together!

You can find me in the Megastar App or hanging out in our Facebook Group